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The Winning model to achieve Gender Equality. The irony is that - It is possible!

The definition of feminism does spark some controversies. One of the popular articles stated “What feminism is: the call for woman and men to be treated equally. What feminism is NOT: saying women are better than men and men don’t deserve the attention women do. If you don’t understand the meaning of feminism, please, stop and educate yourself.”

Kindness and respect begin at home, so as gender equality. For the next generation, the entire family set examples about shaping the way they think about gender, equality and most important about humanity.

We all experience unconscious gender biases. These are roles that we’ve conditioned based on our society’s set expectations about how men and women should dress, behave and present themselves, and in some cases, what kind of work they should do.

I AM not a feminist who brags that women should rule the world. But I am a woman who believes it is the

only the cerebral power of either XX or XY chromosome that matters.

Here are some unexpressed emotions of most of the women.

The research portrays how estrogens help a woman excel in almost every role she plays. As a daughter, she unconditionally loves her parents and is empathic about their old days. As a student, practices excellent sportsmanship teaching her friends and motivate her tribe to dream big. As an independent working woman, committed to her work & takes holistic decisions. As a wife, she is an epitome of love and care. As a mother, her love is boundless that no words can replace.

Sometimes, it is the only commercial ads that make us realise how women wear their responsibilities like a crown and a cape a beautiful home.

Multiple statistics show that an equal representation of women in top leadership positions produces better financial results. Yet women remain an underutilised source of innovation, performance and leadership in organisations – and there’s a lack of mutual understanding of what it takes for teams to maximise the potential of female leaders and talent.

Imagine what if we have a planet where gender equality is real.

Honestly, it’s the one place we ought to go. Not something people preach about it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing the galaxy's most wanted planet. A country which is the UN Sustainable Goals (SDG) attained place. Welcome to Equicity, A planet with diverse genders, but treated as one human.

The origin of the planet name itself has the term “Equality” in it. A place where “equality” is a grounded principle starting from home to the workplace.

This place is nothing less than a paradise.

Equicity is a place where there is -

  1. Equal gender pay

  2. Safe to travel alone or even maybe in the night

  3. Share chores

  4. Women in all kinds of leadership roles

  5. No special women quota or women section in public transport

  6. No Women stereotype tasks such as Cooking, household chores etc. Every one is self-sustainable.

  7. No Sexual, Mental or Physical harassment to a human

  8. Topics such as menstrual periods are healthy and comfortable to speak.

  9. Basically, Humans are allowed to cry, including men

  10. No body shaming

Every place is Positive Society -

In a positive society, all women discuss shared experiences of global empowerment and men respect all women. They don’t worry about any sexual harassment at work or when walking on the streets.

Female foeticide is never an incident anymore, Girl children & women are valued and respected here.

Domestic violence is next to impossible because there are strong laws against it. Since gender equality is the norm, the power dynamics between intimate partners are not toxic.

Where there is Unlimited Possibility -

Imagine, you ask a little girl playing in the swing – Who do you want to be when you grow up? Her eyes will twinkle and will be proud to say – I want to become The President of our country or an astronaut, and I will absolutely become one.

This is a classic story about eliminating gender discrimination and encourage her to achieve her dreams, however big or bizarre it is. Unconscious bias is not common anymore.

At Equicity, diversity is celebrated, not feared, and a culture of humanity dominates conformity.

Hence, Gender is not a factor for the differentiation of roles and opportunities, but mere classification of numbers.

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