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10 Life skills that the future education system must teach!

Why do we learn what school teaches us today?

The whole education system is an uncertain paradox. We have been hearing that we are following the industrial system or factory model of the education system for so long. This model was designed for mass hiring for streamlined occupation.

Do we really become experts in any genre even fter 20 years of formal education? Or know exactly where we are headed in life?

The 21st-century skills are easily accessible over the internet, but why are unemployment and illiteracy close to 30%? How well-equipped are our teachers with the digital revolution?

In this AI era, our book topics are updated every 3-7 years where all the mundane jobs are replaced every minute.

Current schools are still preparing students for the old world with 20th-century skills.

A CEO or any successful and wealthy person is determined by their personality traits and their passion. Why aren’t we teaching these traits in school? But when we hear about child prodigies, we get astonished by the timeline of early success.

Early years of a child’s brain gets fully developed and conditioned with deep-rooted beliefs.

So where do we begin?

1. Critical Thinking

It all starts with observation and making a rational decision but evaluating ideas without bias.

There are multiple ways to solve a problem and perceptive make the most of out of it.

2. To Be Decisive

Taking Small decisions and being responsible for consequences makes them early leaders. Right from which outfit to wear, choosing food from a menu or who I should be friends with, can help them to make billion-dollar decisions later in life.

3. Take Accountability

Taking ownership of every action can navigate most out of their life. Being the most accountable person for their personal success brings the best internal locus of control.

4. Develop Empathy

I know, Empathy can be the most overused word today. But it is never enough to emphasise how empathic leaders move the world towards a better humanity.

5. Art of Persuasion

Art of persuasion can get them things done ethically. It is a game-changer skill to make dreams into reality.

6. Deep Learners

Schools teach what to learn, but never how to learn. Systems like Design thinking framework, The Feynman Technique, memory palaces, etc. can truly teach to become a child prodigy.

7. Creativity/ Originality muscle

Original thinkers are the most creative people who can solve complex problems. Inventing small solutions can exercise the muscle to solve priceless problems.

8. Creating winning systems

Systems are consistent, some people are not. Teaching a sustainable system like maintaining checklist, fix an outcome format are lifelong learnings

9. Living with Conviction

Outcome-driven & Elegance in every action sets high standards. And it leads to high performance.

10. Be a Mentor or be mentored

The young generation needs to learn how to mentor or seek guidance to be an efficient leader.

Bonus Tip: Mental Well-being and financial literacy are mandatory to have a healthy mind, body and soul.

School days were the best part of our childhood. We learnt the above skills too late in life and in a hard way.

But imagine a school which inspires us to start young in our dreams and teach relevant skills.

such skills can help us make better decisions and achieve our dreams faster.

Soon we will see our children or grandchildren having the best time at their schools, learning about life and living it early.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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